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Why You Should Buy an Upright Piano
Although this may appear a silly question to ask, when choosing what piano to buy, there are numerous styles and kinds available today. An upright piano , however, is potentially the most common. Most people do not have space for a grand piano, or even a baby grand piano, let alone the budget for one. An upright piano style is typically the standard for homes where people are just getting interested in learning to play. With many advantages and far fewer disadvantages, an upright piano is a perfect piece to add some musical interest into your home and life. Ultimately, as the probable student, you will decide on what style is best for you, but there are not many that can perform at all the right points like an upright style.

Drawbacks of an Upright

There are a couple of natural inhibitions that come with an upright style. With their space saving design, the actions and interior components of the piano are designed vertically. This means that as a student, you are limited to a certain extent at the speed at which your piano's notes will repeat. This doesn't tend to be a problem for most beginners, however, as they are still learning to plunk away.

Also, a key note is that the pedals that an upright style features will function differently per its design. A grand piano or baby grand, or the often pedal-less design of an electric piano will have different adjustments that can be created with the pedals that an upright simply can't do. An exception to this rule is the pedal on the right, the sustain pedal.

As with any new hobby, it is important to understand the restrictions of both your space available and your budget. With most people not being able to dedicate the room for a grand piano or affording one when starting out, often the compromise of buying an upright style for now and then saving up for a grand piano, later on, is made. This gives the new piano enthusiast time to test out and learn the hobby, without the sometimes insane price tag and space requirements of the grand piano style. 

Which to Buy?

As a beginner student, finding the piano that best fits your current needs is imperative. Whether that is an upright, or a famed grand or baby grand piano, is to be determined. An upright piano will serve a person well from beginner music through a slightly advanced level. Beyond this is where you get into the speed and complication of compilations, and will require the options that pedals of a grand style can offer.

Although the progression from upright to grand is fairly natural, there isn't any reason an exceptionally made upright can't match the standard of even a smaller baby grand. What determines this at the end is the craftsmanship of the instrument, and how advanced of a player you are, as well as the space you can allow for the instrument you choose.