How to Safely Move an Upright Piano
As anyone who has ever endured moving an upright piano will state, moving an upright piano is incredibly heavy, and requires a lot of planning ahead. It is actually such a task to undertake that moving a piano has carved out its own place within the moving industry.

To safely and properly move your upright piano, you are best off to hire help. While most models can technically be moved by you and a group of friends, it’s a strenuous and tedious task that requires much patience and a lot of energy. You more than double the risk to what is often the most valuable asset in a home when doing it yourself, because often, you are not going to be able to employ the necessary equipment to transport it correctly.

Tools You’ll Need

A dolly, and sometimes two, are required to move your upright piano. These instruments are far too heavy to be lifted and carried unless it is perhaps the spinet, which is the smallest version of an upright piano. Next, employ plenty of padding with moving blankets, and secure them with packing tape. You do not want to risk a scratch on your instrument. You will also want to measure out the doorways and hallways along the path your piano is going to take out of its old home and into the new. A bump or unexpected drop could have you dealing with an instrument that is in smithereens and unable to be repaired. Another worst case scenario is that you will be faced with a repair that is too costly.

An experienced piano moving team is truly the best way to go to protect your investment. Upright pianos are wonderful once they are in place, but to safely move it, it is best not to do it yourself.